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REDD’s Task Force "Vision and Democracy problem"

Coconut Plantation nearest Meru Betiri National Park - East Java Province
Toward the second phase of Reduction Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) finished in the end of this year, special institution for REDD+ have not been formed. Whereas, according to agreement note between Indonesia and Norway which have been signed on May, 26 2010, second phase target is formed of special institution of REDD+ realized, pilot project have been reached, and also determining of Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system. On January, 22 2013, there were President Decision Document Number 5 Year 2013 about Revision for President Decision Number 25 Year 2011 about Institutional Preparation Task Force of REDD+. As the decision, the task force (Satgas) have to forward the duty until REDD institution have been formed, at least on June, 30 2013. Pilot location of REDD+ is Central Kalimantan. President Occupation Unit of Development Monitoring and Control Sector Leader (UKP4), Ku…