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Topographic Normalization in ERDAS Image

When I using atmospheric correction with ATCOR tool in ERDAS image, it was not always answer and give me nice result of corrected imaginary (I used to Landsat satellite imaginary and ASTER GDEM 30m), especially for mountainous area. Back then, my lecture ever told me, that to predicting potential burn area using Landsat satellite imaginary, we have to correcting the image first with atmospheric or radiometric correction. Minnaert Topographic Normalization is the one of many method and tools to execute this correction. This simple one does not spend many time to processing ( I need less than 1 minute J) , and more over we only need 3 files / data as below: 1.Satellite imaginary 2.Metadata of satellite imaginary ( value of Solar / Sun Azimuth and Elevation) 3.Elevation imaginary

This ERDAS spatial model can be downloaded here.
This picture below show the difference Landsat Satellite Image before and after Topographic Normalization.

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