My daily breakfast

This is a part of my daily, breakfast.
In this capital region (red.Jakarta), you will facing a trouble to find the one I called " nice breakfast", I mean, with full of tasting and of course "cheap". #jiwa mahasiswa sekali
Well  you know my favorite one, here this is..
Yap, NASI PECEL (can anyone help me to translate in English??..), hahahaha
"Rice with cooked vegetables and peanut sauce. The vegetables are usually kangkung or spinach, long beans, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, and in East Java often used kembang turi. It tastes best when eaten with fried tempe (fermentation of soybean) and traditional cracker called peyek"
That's all I know to spell NASI PECEL in English. It was show that my local language is more effective than international language,, hahaha
A complete combination like two pictures above, only Rp.6000,- (including a glass of un-sugar tea - free).

Location of this foot stall are in the corner of Cawang train station, Jakarta. I spent close of my morning time about 20 minute before my work time.

Wanna try?? Please come to this place about 7.00 - 8.00 am, and if you are lucky, it will definitely to see me there.. #hahahaha, berasa penting banget gw.


  1. a glass of tea priced 500?? bener ga?

  2. yoi Safi, dengan syarat dan ketentuan berlaku seperti yg tertulis di situ.. hahahaha

  3. Everything seems cheap since I stayed here. Pecel is pecel, let keep its common name and promote this traditional food to international world. Love our food so there is no one will steal them from us....#tried to become wise person

  4. yaa...gak keliatan yaam....ada harga minumum belanja ya :D

  5. bukan, syaratnya mulai jam 11.00 dan harus pesen makan di situ.. :p


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