Predicting the Existence of Peat Areas

      Based map from government (RBI Maps / Indonesia based map), include peat distribution map is made macro scale and too universal to be used. Based on my field experience, there are any place was not suitable information among based map information and field actually condition.
Oke, directly, this is a few step to predicting  the existence peat area, especially on peat forest. We need based remote sensing data, such as satellite image and some local information. We can use Landsat Satellite Image and SRTM DEM.
 1. Create the Hydrological assessment until flow accumulation process (only for detect the      
          river network) and manage the classify
2. Create slope classes ( I used to 6 interval classes in percent unit ; 0-3-8-15-25-40<)
 3. Reclassified elevation data from DEM. It’s helpful to make delineate peat area be easier.
4. Composite band of Landsat satellite image and arrange natural color display.

DEM - River network

Slope - River network

Satelite imange (landsat ETM+7) - River network

           There are some assumption about peat forest:
1. Flowing water on river are from higher place to lower place. If the upriver aren’t a hill or 
          mountain, possibility it’s peat area. In this case, overlay river network and elevation map.
2.      2. Peat area are seldom located on high slope (in fact, I never found it). It often located on flat 
           area, and in this case, please overlay river network and slope classes.
3. The local people near forest will make a peat area be the last choice for their agricultural       field. Most of the reason is difficulties to cultivate peat soil, cost, and unsustainable          productivity of harvest. The peat area used to be fragmented among  cropland, shrub, bare      land, and another conversion land cover else, beside fragmented is caused by-law of forestry      or protected area about peat land.

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  1. Yam, kalo mau memprediksi anak-anak sungai yang kecil2 gimana ya buk?

  2. yang pasti ketelitian elevasi lebih bagus lebih baik jo..
    tinggal direclassify menjadi kelas yang lebih banyak...
    tapi semua itu perlu survey lapang untuk verifikasi..

  3. ikut nimbrung ah, nambahin, pada dasarnya hasil hydrology assesment di software hampir ninjukin validitas yang tinggi lho...anak2 sungai yg kecil yang ketika di survey tidak ditemukan dilapangan pada dasarnya ada, tapi terisi klo musim penghujan ajo,..

    sory baru bangun tidur jadi ngelantur :p

  4. nah, itu ada pengendali air.. :p
    iya win, kata orang2 di lokasi setempat jg gt..


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