17 September 2011

Bogor Botanical Garden, [again ( _ _")]
Well, it just for spending my time on Sunday. I've visit this place many time (that's why I said #again) , and this day I planed to take some picture there.
Ok, starting from cemetery of foreign people and one "monument" foreign people again (I don't want to know their name and identity) with my country state castle as background, at least they were peoples who planned this place.

Then I moved to Garden Shop.
There are some plants, books, souvenir, etc.

I didn't though that I can see "Valentino Rosi" here.. hahahahaha. pak Hajiii ugal-ugalan!!

I run, and found a Museum of Zoology
  I found some room containing speciemens from some family of animal like insect (battle, butterfyl, etc), molusca, aves, mamalia, pisces, reptile and amphibian, and many more.

Finally, the last place is....[180 degree from Zoology Museum (-.- ")! ] Orchid Garden..
They were bloom...

the name of species is...ummm.... I don't know!! :) I forgot my record..
and I thought this is synthetic grass (FALSE!! hahahaha) this is true grasses
Well, this activities could throw out my bad feeling.
Keep your time be valuable and always positive thinking every moment guys.


  1. Awesome....
    jadi pengen jalan2 ke kebon raya

  2. hahaha.. this page is must be created on 6 years ago Safii..


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