Create Fishnet with X Tool pro

Create Fishnet creates a feature class containing a net of rectangular cells. Creating a fishnet requires three basic pieces of information :
  1. the spatial extent of the fishnet
  2. the number of row and columns
  3. the angle of rotation
Fishnet may useful to create sample area / plots on research location ( I used to crate it for biodiversity application).

a. add the based map (background) > XTool Pro > Create Fishnet

b. Manage cell and coloum (size and value), product type (polyline or polygon)

c. Done :)


  1. Great, I found this tool too in Hawth tool, but my question is how can we decide the start point of this fishnet?

  2. yap, this is another way. I can not use Hawth tool in arcgis 10.
    start point, u can manage it from 2nd step from this page.

  3. Yam,i how can i get this tools? because i need it to make a grid like a fish net...can you send me it by email? trims..(

  4. yam setelah gw telaah lagi, yg step keduanya cuman buat nentuin mau berapa kolom dan baris doank dah, nah klo kita pingin bikinnya dimulai dari titik A gitu piye?

  5. wuidih.. tela'ah... hahaha
    yaudah jo, buat aja titik2 itu dulu [4 titi bersebrangan / 2 titik sebrang diagonal misalnya], abis itu langsung bikin fishnetnya. biarin dia dalam kodisi full extent


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