ASF Map Ready to Prepare (Import) ALOS PALSAR Raw Data from JAXA

Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) create ASF MapReady Software to prepare some radar satelite image well.

ASF Map Viewer 
The MapReady Remote Sensing Tool Kit accepts level 1 detected SAR data, single look complex SAR data, and optical data from ASF and some other facilities. It can terrain correct, geocode, apply polarimetric decompositions to multi-pol SAR data, and save to several common imagery formats including GeoTIFF. Other software included in the package are an image viewer, metadata viewer, a projection coordinate converter, and a variety of command line tools.

I've created some paragraph about the process or step to prepare ALOS PALSAR mosaic data from JAXA. my paper can be downloaded here (although in image metadata is showed a cordinate system, better we have to do georeferencing first before processing this data)
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  1. Salam kenal mas arif, saya fahmi ....mohon pencerahannya setelah mengikuti tutorial yg dibuat mengalami error seperti dibawah ini ketika geocoding diaktifkan.

    ** Warning: ********
    Large projection errors occurred!

    Large projection errors can result
    if your projection parameters do not accurately represent the scene you
    are geocoding. You can either re-run geocode using the '--force' option,
    or adjust your projection parameters to better reflect the scene.
    ** End of warning **

    ** Error: ********
    Upper left y corner error was too large! 89.361827 > 1.250000
    ** End of error **


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